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What happens after BoFII?g

I've been curious for the longest time what happens to Ryu and company from Breath of Fire II if they get the good ending (if you don't know the good ending, you may need to look up possible spoilers). It just sparked my interest recently, and seeing how much is left to speculate, I'd like to know what you think happens afterwards.

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According to my interpretation of the timeline, it goes like this:

  1. Breath of Fire IV
  2. Breath of Fire
  3. Breath of Fire II
  4. Breath of Fire III (Possibly placed after DQ)
  5. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (Either first or last)

Mainly because of Yuna's experiments during IV, which I believe led to the creation of Myria. Breath of Fire III also refers to a Age of Machines, which I believe took place in previous games.

So to answer your question, events that led up to either III or Dragon Quarter would seem appropriate.

EDIT: Just remembered the mural in Dragnier, so III would have to come after II. Haven't played DQ, but from what I've gathered the technology is much more advanced than in other titles, so that game might just be in the Age of Machines, placing it first.


Dils I believe got this pretty much down, II is no doubt after I and IV has a lot suggesting it is the first but also there is speculation that V could also be before all this (which I believe could be possible and open for debate) and III is most likely well after II.

There hasnt been any actual "official" timeline given out so we have to go off of what the game provides us in enviournment and events etc.


Well, that is a very interesting timeline. But I believe my question refers to each indivdual party member, as in what happens to them after the events of defeating St. Eva?


Theres no info ever given to them really, Nina in bof1 screwed over the Wing Clan by falling in love with a person outside her race (presumably Ryu) which was said in 2. But other than that I can't think of any other incident where they provide information on the characters post game. Also after the defeat of St. Eva depends on your ending, Ryu could sacrifice his life and take the place of his mother, or not.


Dragon Quarter occurs in a different dimension, separate of that of the series.


I believe BOF 4 is set in a parallel universe , as well as the Dragon Quarters . At least , it seems more reasonable to me this way .

There is not a truly official timeline, but I think it would be really cool if it were as follows (timeline not in terms of exact games, but a chronology of world history BOF, games included) :

1st - Age the machines , no other races or Brood (or at least, with with infinite power , which emerged at some point) . Myria already exists as a goddess . Probably a long period of civilization for many, many millennia of progress.

2nd - The Apocalypse of the machine age and birth Desert ( wars , causes unknow, probably by an uncontrollable power, cosmic, not from this world) . Myria uses her power to separate continent - remains weak , surviving mortals rebuild.

( some magic occurs in the meantime , creating races , including Brood , whether for technology , either by magic or by some "power" that was born or stopped over the world, comic maybe) .

3rd - Brood emerge somehow as well as other breeds , including the demons (probably a mixture of powers Myria , existing magic and some cosmic power, who knows) . Myria fears the power of the Brood ( heirs of the power that destroyed the world ? ) And for the next 3 games was trying to destroy them.

4th - Myria generates conflict between the dragons to cause war and destruction among them . A hero stands up with his friends and imprisons her - before the BOF event I.

5th - Myria still has power even imprisoned , manages to convince the dragons free her ando do war again - events BOF I. We all know what happens .

6th - With the success of Ryu BOF1 Myria is very weak for a long period . Could not tell if the demons are BoF2 products Myria or not ( rather not, would be a worthy villain in a sequence) , preferring not. With the powers of Myria weakened , the demons are gaining ground , forcing the Dragons ( already well diminished in number ) to assume responsibility for guarding them . Events BoF2 , we all know how it ends ( and the demons are not decimated ) .

7th - Much later , Myria resumes her power and then decides to make a direct crusade against Brood with her guardians . The members of the Brood , perhaps knowing their devastating power , perhaps knowing of the existence of demons , or maybe knowing the prophecy of the prince of dragons (or all together ) are destroyed . 400 years later, events BOF3 with the prophecy of the prince of dragons .

8th - Now, there is only one known Dragon (Ryu, the prince of dragons), but there are members of Dragnier, even giving up his powers, may have children with blood Brood (plus others such as Ryu and Teepo, that are scattered around the world).

9th - It would be nice to make time pass, when Brood was already rebuilt again to face the demons, as in BoF2 (make a BOF4). Remember that in this theory the powers of Myria help keep retained demons (and since she was destroyed, they are on the loose again). It will be a new Ryu in this new world, perhaps destroy the demons once and for all (or put a new phase of history: Brood killers of demons).

That's it folks, this is my theory, is how I see the game world, and how I would like it be.


What I think happened after BoF2 ended was that the Dragon Brood probably began moving to the upper part of the world again some time after Ryu and crew defeated Death Evan. Some time after this, Myria re-emerged and stirred controversy again toward the Brood, sparking the hate and fear towards them, and eventually leading to the attempted genocide of the Clan. This was why Breath of Fire 3's story even explains about this mass killing of the Dragons, and makes reference to BoF 1's climatic event with Myria, whereas BoF 2's story gives reference to the events from BoF 1, yet showing that Carn, Bo, and Nina 1 were still alive after all that time.

As for what happened to Ryu and his party, a BoF contributer theorized in Nina 2's article that Ryu and Nina likely hooked up after the fall of Death Evan. Yeah I know that I'll probably get some hate from the Rinpoo (Katt) fans, but I couldn't see Ryu settling down with the Woren. Rinpoo seemed more like a distraction or close friend than a love interest for Ryu.

I believe Sten, Rand, Jean, and Spar returned to their original homes. Boche (Bow) most likely hooked up with Silvia, and remained in Township with Ryu and Nina. I know that some fans like to think Nina returned to Windia, but I disagree. I agree with the contributer to Nina 2's article theorizing that superstition is a powerful thing, and with Nina suddenly returning, and being announced as the new heir to the crown, trouble would brew and cause the fall of the Royal Family. I think Ryu, Nina, and her parents all know this too well. It's probably why Nina 2 wasn't mentioned anywhere in Windia's history in BoF 3. This Nina probably chose to be free with Ryu 2.

Who knows what became of Rinpoo. Maybe she became a wanderer searching for her kind. Maybe she stayed in Township. Maybe she did both?

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