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Question about Dragon Quarter

So I just started it and got to a point where I couldnt really do harm to the I SOL restarted the game and're supposed to do that to carry over and like not start fresh but be at a point that you can advance more...Problem is it looks like just a new game to me, you start at level 1 which isnt going to help me at all. I kind of don't really wanna play this game if I just have to pretty much start a new game over and over when it doesn't really help.

So how in the hell did SOL restart make things different from starting a new game because this is kind of making me not wanna play no more >.> I'm just a little confused about this gameplay and have no clue what I`m doing.

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Wolf Kanno

You still have all Party EXP, Zenny weapons, skills and items in a locker. Feiry colony progress is also preserved.

BTW i cleared DQ without restarting, it's not that hard. Here's some hints: If you play on emu... well use save states to get extra turns on every enemy. You can use D-Dash without any trouble before the first with Bosch. Use traps and baits, they help a lot. Bombs deal tons of damage (about 150) when blown mid-battle. Killing a lot of enemies fast in one battle alows you to earn lots of Party EXP.

Well, most of the hints are obvious, but hope they will help.


Yeah, you need to use the Party XP you earn to level up your characters in SOL Restart. Basically say you got a 1000xp before you got stuck and SOL Restart, you could then use that PXP tp level up Ryu from lv. 1 to say for the sake of argument lv. 3 which will help you beat down the weak enemeis even easier earning you more XP bonuses and helping you get farther in the game. The SOL Restart also helps you if you make the mistake of abusing the Dragon Mode too much and find yourself in the middle areas with a D-Counter of 86%. You do have to restart the early sections again but you'll have access to all the Party XP you gained (imagine blowing through the early areas with a full party of Lv. 20 characters with midgame equipment) so you'll actually make much better time through the game. You also unlock new story scenes in these SOL replays which help to expand the story and keep it feeling fresh so your not just rewatching the same old cutscenes.

I will also warn you that the game has a tendency to throw hard enemies in early areas so sometimes its better to use meat to lure them away and just sneak past them, that might have been the issue. The game is sadistically designed.


Okay thanks guys, wasn't exactly sure what the hell I was doing and and anything I found on google were vague answers that didn't really answer what I wanted to know T_T

But thanks for telling me how it works! XD


No problem, the game's mechanics are really confusing, to the point even the design team was frustrated having to explain it all the time.

I actually started a fresh new playthrough so I can refresh my memory and work on the pages better. I'm not terribly far, I just got to BioCorp labs and I ma preparing to enter the transport mission.

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