Breath of Fire III Boss
ヘルライダー Heruraidaa (Hell Rider)
Arwan Sprite
2400 1000
Pwr Def Agl Int
250 114 36 250
EXP Zenny
5000 0
FlameIconIII Sprite FrostIconIII Sprite ElectricIconIII Sprite
3 3 3
EarthIconIII Sprite WindIconIII Sprite HolyIconIII Sprite
3 3 1
PsionicIconIII Sprite StatusIconIII Sprite DeathIconIII Sprite
7 7 7
Location Dream World
Abilities Sleep
Info Devil

Arwan is a boss within Breath of Fire III, and is fought with Ryu as the only party member. It is recommended to equip Ryu with Frost-resistant equipment such as a Ring of Ice.


1/2 Attack Sprite
1/2 Abilities Sprite
4/8 StatusIconIII Sprite Sleep
4/8 FrostIconIII Sprite Chill
Condition HP <= Max HP/2
1/2 Attack Sprite
1/2 Abilities Sprite
4/8 FrostIconIII Sprite Blizzard
4/8 FrostIconIII Sprite Chill


If Ryu does not know the Skill Kyrie, then equip Ryu with Protectors, Force Armor, a Light Bangle and a Ring of Ice. As Ryu is now protected against the effect of Sleep and Frost, he can now simply Attack until Arwan is defeated, healing when necessary.

Alternatively, Ryu can use Kyrie. Since Arwan is a Devil-type monster, Kyrie will instantly defeat him and the player will win the match without once taking damage.

A third option is to use Ryu's dragon form Tiamat, which is immune to sleep. Ryu can just whittle away at Arwan's HP until it dies.

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