ひかりのまち Hikari no Machi (City of Light)

Auria is a location within Breath of Fire. It is a rich seaside town located to the south of Tuntar & Tantar. The buildings within the town are made of gold and jewels.


The Light Key is located in Auria, it enables it to always be daylight in the town. It can be considered the polar opposite of Bleak. Gobi resided here after being expelled from his clan and has his own shop. The town was later attacked by the naval forces of the Dark Dragons. After the Light Key was taken from the city, it's no longer constantly daylight.


Item ShopEdit

Item Cost
Herb 13 G
Worm 65 G
Life 650 G
Vitamn 650 G
Mrbl1 1300 G
Pouch 1300 G
Rod1 1300 G
G.Bar 65000 G

Weapon ShopEdit

Weapon/Armor Cost
Rapier 1650 G
Dagger 2200 G
LongSD 2750 G
LongBW 2860 G
BroadSD 5500 G
Tiara 1650 G
SunHT 2750 G
SageML 3300 G

Notable ResidentsEdit


Auria has various sidequests that the player can do for money:

  1. In the tavern above the shop there is a man who wants vitamins to stop his hiccups. If the player brings him vitamins they will be rewarded with 5000 GP.
  2. There is a woman who mentions how her son has gone out for wood and hasn't returned. If the player finds the son and speaks to the woman again they will recieve 20000 GP.
  3. There is an old man who complains about his sore back and asks to speak to a woman in your party. If either Nina or Bleu speak to him the party recieves 20000 GP. This quest can be done twice, once with Nina and once with Bleu.


Auria is derived from Aurum, the latin word for gold.


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