Breath of Fire
セントクイナ Sentokuina (Rallidae)
3000 100
270 500 250 140
1400 1600
Element Water & Light
Row Front
Aiming Normal
AB priority 5
Location Dragon Temple near Gust
Drop Life2 (7/8)
Apple (1/8)
Drop rate 13.28125%
Info Characters can evade and counter normal attacks

Avian is a boss within Breath of Fire.


It is a large blue ostrich with a horn on the top of its head and is similar to the Grimfowl other than its colour. A boss of one of the Dragon trials, it is quite difficult to defeat if not prepared.


Loading Up

Before bolting across the ocean with Nina remember to stock on some items. Try to get all the Dragon Equipment. Make sure you take enough recovery items to battle.If you have the gold take some Mrbl 1's and a Protein B could be useful. If you want to battle in Ryu's human form the Thunder Rapier and the Rage Hammer are great weapons to bring.

In Battle

By now you should have some transformations the Drake and The Dragon. Choose which ever you would like if you want a real uphill battle stay in the humanform. The one thing to remember in this battle is to closely watch youre HP and take into account that Avian will attack first so try to stay over 70 hp each of his projectiles do around 48-60 pts of damage. When you do recover use bigger items such as a Cura 2 or a Tuna cause herbs will most likely not do it in this battle. Once you get a rythym down you'll have him beat in no time.        

Related EnemiesEdit

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