バイス Baisu
Sprite Bais Sprite
HP 0 AP 0
Pwr 1 Def 0
Int 0 Agl 0
Formation Levels
Chain 3 Levels

Bais is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

He is one of the kids that Ryu encounters in Wyndia that has information on Teepo. He only agrees to tell you if you play Hide-and-seek with him and his friends. After you find the four of them, they tell you that he went running towards Eygnock Road.

When you return to Wyndia with Ryu as an adolescent, he and the other three members of the gang offer themselves to you as masters if you play Hide-and-seek with them again.

As a MasterEdit

Bais becomes available as a master once you enter Wyndia as adolescent Ryu and agree to play Hide-and-seek with him and the gang. Once you find him and the other three members they offer their services to you as Masters. Bais ends up hiding in Dauna Mine near the giant dragon head that you see near the beginning of the game. Unlike most Masters, Bais gives you a new battle formation rather than abilities.

The Chain Form is one of the most useful forms in the game, giving your whole party the same speed as your lead member in the formation. So even slow characters like Garr can get attacks off before the enemy if you put someone fast like Rei at the front. The negatives of using this form is that your parties defense goes down, and the person in front is more likely to be the target of enemy attacks. So if you plan on using this form it's a good idea to put Rei under Masters like Bunyan who don't hurt his Agility but increase his HP and Defense.

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