Berries (木の実, Konomi?) is a recurring Recovery Item in the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Effect Restores 5 HP
Target Single
Purchased Faerie Village Handyman Shop (Ability), Faerie Village Handyman Shop (Speed)
Stolen Bat, Blood Bat, Bolt, Bolt Archer, Bolt Lord, Bolt Mage, Nut Archer, Nut Troop, Ripper, Slasher
Dropped Nut Mage
Cost 5

Breath of Fire IVEdit

Recovery Item Restores 50HP
Target Single
Found Random drops in areas
Stolen Army Bat, Cap, Catrpilr, Cracker, Rat, Trean, Trunked, Wyd
Dropped Nut Mage, NutArchr, NutTroop
Cost 8z
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