Black Ship
Outer Sea

The Black Ship is an unrevisitable location in Breath of Fire III. It is a massive automated cargo ship that transports machines and parts from the Lost Shore into the Outer Sea then back again.

Story Edit

Having failed the first time to cross the Outer Sea in the Rhapala boat, Ryu and his team needed a more sturdy and safer way to cross. After learning how the "Legendary Mariner", Kuykuys, got from the other side to the Rhapala Region by stowing away on the Black Ship, the gang tried to board one that was drifting around the Middle Sea, but were attacked by the automatic defenses. Momo then devised a plan to ram it from behind, where the defenses couldn't protect it from, so they can get on board and restart its systems. Zig succeeds in ramming the Black Ship from behind, allowing Ryu, Momo, and a third party member to board the ship. With help, Momo is able to reset the Black Ship's central controls so that it will take the party to the other side of the ocean. Since the ship was automatic, this allowed the group to relax for a while as it transported them over the ocean, with Momo checking the systems regularly. However, at one point in the trip, the Black Ship was attacked by a pair of Ammonites, forcing the party to kill them in order to proceed safely. After a long trip, the Black Ship returned to Kombinat on the Lost Shore, allowing the party to disembark and start exploring the new land.

Items Edit

Enemies Edit

Boss Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Container Ship is possibly a Black Ship that ran aground long ago and transformed into Relay Point A by the ancient people.

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