ギリアム Giriamu (Gilliam)
Portrait BoFI BoPortrait
Playable Character (BoF)
Non-Playable Character (BoFII)
Non-Playable Character (BoFIII)
Fellow (BoF6)
Forest Clan (BoF)
Wolba (BoFII)
Wolba (BoFIII)
Wolba (BoF6)
Tantar (BoF)
Island of Giants (BoFII)
Dauna Mine (BoFIII)
Dragnier (BoF6)
Hunter (BoF)
Farmer (BoFII)
Miner (BoFIII)
Carpenter (BoF6)
182 cm (5'12") (BoF)
87 kg (191.8 lbs) (BoF)
Hunt (BoF)
Bow (BoF)
Fist (BoFIII)
Fist (BoF6)
Bo, or Gilliam in the Japanese releases, is a recurring character throughout the Breath of Fire series. His name was alternately translated as Gary in the English release of Breath of Fire III. Throughout the series, he is a portrayed as a member of the wolf-like Wolba clan. Although physically intimidating, Bo is nevertheless a kindhearted and devoted friend who is often depicted as a big brother figure to his younger teammates.

Role throughout the seriesEdit

Breath of FireEdit

Prior to the events of the game, the Dark Dragon Clan drive the Wolba out of their home land, who then found the town of Tantar. However, the Dark Dragons continue to antagonize them in an attempt to coerce them into giving up the Ring, a magical artifact in their people's possession. By the time that Ryu and Nina reach Tantar, both it and neighboring Tuntar are in the midst of a drought, as the Dark Dragons have dammed up the river which serves as the towns' sole water source. The duo investigate the Dark D. Fort in hopes of helping the townspeople. However, they are eventually trapped by an enemy General who had been masquerading as Tuntar's elder. Bo, who had seen through the General's ploy and rescued the true Elder, helps Ryu and Nina to escape. They work together to normalize the river's water flow and Bo agrees to accompany Ryu and Nina in their efforts to defeat the Dark Dragons.

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Breath of Fire IIEdit

Bo and Karn appear as non-playable characters, inhabiting the sole house on the Island of Giants. In a nod to Bo's background in the previous game, hunting tools liter their home. When the party speaks to him, Bo tells them about he discovered a fossil while tilling the land.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

At the beginning of the game, miners Bo (translated as "Gary" in this game) and Mogu are excavating a chrysum deposit when they come across a dragon --which were believed to be extinct -- encases in the ore. Mogu explains that such specimen are occasionally found. The pair set off explosive charges in order to break up the ore and are both stunned when it has the additional effect of waking up the dragon, who was merely in suspended animation. Although the miners attempt to defend themselves, they are quickly overpowered by the the dragon's fiery breath. Mogu's wounds appear to be fatal, however, ten years later, the party can re-encounter the now crippled Bo in the Dauna Mine bar.

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Breath of Fire 6Edit

In this game, Dragnier Village is a melting pot of different clans, and Bo is the village carpenter. He is also a skilled warrior, who puts his martial abilities to use in the wake of the Insidia Empire's attack on the Village. When Ryu, the village's mayor, goes missing, Bo is one of the townspeople who aids Ryu's younger sibling in searching for him.

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As a member of the Wolba, Bo possesses a wolflike appearance and he is consistently portrayed as tall and physically powerful. His appearance remains relatively consistent throughout the series, however in Breath of Fire 6 he is depicted as much more solidly built, and with blue fur rather than his customary brown.


While his physical portrayal has remained relatively consistent throughout the series, Bo's personality has varied widely with each incarnation. In Breath of Fire. he is portrayed as a taciturn, even-tempered leader who is famed for his military leadership during the battles with the Dark Dragon Clan. His small cameo in Breath of Fire II is directly modeled after his depiction in the previous game. His small role in Breath of Fire III depicts him as a dedicated miner who's level-headed and not prone to the superstitious beliefs of some of the other miners. In stark contrast with these first three appearances, Breath of Fire 6 portrays him as brash and fiery-tempered, qualities which are offset by the presence of Jubei. However, Bo is still ultimately portrayed as a kindhearted and loyal friend who is adored by the members of his village. He fills a big brother role to the protagonist that is reminiscent of his relationship with Ryu in the first game.


Bo is a playable character in two games, in the original Breath of Fire, he is an archer who possesses great physical strength and a limited selection of spells. However, he is probably most notable for his ability to hunt and pass through tree formations on the overworld, and to fuse with Karn. In Breath of Fire 6, Bo is once again a physically powerful teammate, although this time he fights with his bare fists rather than with a bow.


Bo first appears in Breath of Fire's Tantar , where one of his close friends is named "Terry." This, combined with Bo's Japanese name, "Gilliam", form a reference to British director and Monty Python alum, Gilliam. A similarly named canine character, Bow, appears in Breath of Fire II, however, the two have completely unrelated names ("Gilliam" and "Bosch" respectively) in the Japanese releases of their games.