ギリアム Giriamu (Gilliam)
Portrait BoFI BoPortrait
Forest Clan
182 cm (5'12")
87 kg (191.8 lbs)

Bo is a character within Breath of Fire. He is called Gilliam in the Japanese version.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

As a member of the Forest Clan, Bo has the appearance of a humanoid wolf. He has brown fur covering his body and tan fur on his face. Bo wears green pants held up by brown belt. He also wears brown boots and a yellow scarf. Bo always has his bow and quiver with him. He is the second tallest member of the party.


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The Forest people are a clan of hunters who live in the forest and revere nature. This clan is so familiar with the forests that you will never get lost when Bo is leading. Bo is cool-headed, reliable and very good at hunting with a bow. In battles against the Dark Dragon Clan, Bo led his clan to multiple victories. However, the Forest people were soon outnumbered and had to retreat to their home in the southern forest.

Field AbilitiesEdit

He is able to use the bow and arrow for hunting. When Bo leads the party on the world map they are able to walk through forests and hunt various animals. The items gained from hunting can be used in battle to heal the party or restore their status. His ability to walk through woods is very important to reach certain locations in the game and progress the story, while his hunting skill comes in handy to obtain a rare item for the quest to create the Tonic.


Bo is a skilled archer and can uses powerful bows to inflict high damage to enemies even in the back row. He is also the first party member Ryu encounters that can use offensive magic, though Bo's proficiency is rather limited as he never obtains anymore spells beyond his intial set-up. He also has access to the Cure spell making him far more flexible in battle and giving Nina the chance to focus on buffing rather than simply healing. Bo gets huge gains in HP, Agility, and Strength, his Bow weapons allow him to stand even with the toughest fighters in the party, but Bo suffers from a low Defense stat that makes him terribly fragile, so its best to always keep him in the back of the party. Bo is also one of the allies that can fuse with Karn, and is used in three of his fusion forms. Once Karn gets Shin, his earliest fusion form obtainable, he would most likely remain a fused party member with Karn and other party members for the rest of the game.

Spell List
Spell Name AP Cost Description
Flare 3 AP 20 Fire damage to a single enemy
Spark 4 AP 25 Electric damage to a single enemy
Cold 5 AP 30 Ice Damage to a single enemy
Fry 10 AP 80 Electric damage to a single enemy
Flame 6 AP 40 Fire Damage to a single enemy
Frost 9 AP 60 Ice Damage to a single enemy
Cure 1 3 AP Restores 50 HP to a party member.


  • Bo makes a cameo appearance in Breath of Fire II along with Karn.
  • Bo (named Gilliam) and Mogu make an appearance at the start of Breath of Fire III, being the ones in Dauna Mine that unwittingly free Ryu (in a Whelp form) from his slumber, as well as the first "enemies" Ryu fights in the game. He is also the only one of the two who sustains lasting injuries from the event, being found in a rocking chair at the mines later in the game.
  • The character Bow from Breath of Fire II shares some similarities with Bo.
  1. Both are archers.
  2. Both are dog like creatures.
  3. Their names are similar.