Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Enemy
Bon Appetit
Level HP AP
21 40 40
Attack Defense Magic Speed
105 70 38 42
Move AB Defense XP
20 _ 42
Fire Ice Electric
200% 200% 200%
Dark Death (Element) Holy (Element)
100% 100% Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
75% 75% 75% 75% 75%
Poison Confusion Sleep
75% Immune 75%
Bind Stun Frozen
75% 75% 75%
Location Lifeline
Steal Wake Up
Drop Aid Kit

Med Kit

Drop Rate 1:1
Info These genics become recovery potions when defeated! If you're smart, you'll hunt them down.

Bon Appetit is an enemy within Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

If hit with a fire attack without killing it right away, on-screen message will say "Bon Appetit's flavor improves"! Item drop will upgrade to an Med Kit.


"Bon appétit" is a salutation in French that roughly translates to, "Enjoy your meal".

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