Breath of Fire II Boss
ガードマン Gaadoman (Guardman)
Bouncer Breath of Fire II
250 0
Atk Def Ms
72 40 +1
Agi Luck Immunity
39 28 -
50 40
Location WildCat Cafe
Drop -
Drop rate 0
Abilities -
Element -
Info -

Bouncer is a boss found in Breath of Fire II.


When Ryu and the party reach Wildcat Cafe, several Bouncers will block the entrances into the rooms the player is trying to reach. If Ryu complies with the rules of the cafe (such as removing weapons and armor) the Bouncers will let him pass, however if he refuses he will have to fight them. Defeating the Bouncers allows Ryu into the next room while keeping whatever items the restaurant rule was trying to force you to remove.


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