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Breath of Daifugō
ブレス オブ 大富豪
Breath of Daifugō
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Release date(s) August 2003
Platform(s) NTT DoCoMo, SoftBank, and au brand phone devices

Breath of Daifugō was a mobile phone game released exclusively in Japan in 2003 by Capcom. The first game made from a small series of mobile games based around the Breath of Fire Series. Breath of Daifugō features characters from Breath of Fire IV in a card game of Daifugō. Players can choose up to three game modes: The first being a single player mode where the player plays against a computer opponent, an "Endless" mode where the player keeps playing till their deck has run out, and a "Tournament Mode" where the game of Daifugō can be played in a multiplayer mode.


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