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Breath of Fire 6: The Inherited Force
Buresu obu Faia 6: uketsuga reshi chikara {{{lit}}}
Type: Webcomic
Released: 2015
Author: Sanorin

Breath of Fire 6: The Inherited Force is a webcomic being released along side the mobile game Breath of Fire 6, serving as its prequel.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Chapter 1Edit

  • The Strongest Leader (最強のムラオサ, saikyō no muraosa)
  • Released on August 13, 2015
  • The chapter begins with Ryu having a dream in which he hears an unknown girl singing and is then attacked by a monstrous figure before waking up. In the Insidia Empire, Klaus holds a meeting with his troops as they are about to assault Dragnier Village in search of an specific target. Back in Dragnier, Ryu and his brother Kai are having a training session until the sudden appearance of Fei, a newcomer Maoren to the village, being pursued by several boar-like monsters. Ryu fends the beasts alone first, but is finally assisted by Gilliam, Amelia, Jubei and Kai. Later Ryu discoveres the incident was unknowingly incited by Fei bringing in Dazzle Grass, whose scent attracts monsters. He can't, however, shake off the bad feeling he had from that dream.

Chapter 2Edit

  • Brothers (兄と弟, ani to otōto, lit. "Big Brother and Little Brother")
  • Released on August 31, 2015
  • The chapter opens with Fei requesting Ryu to teach her how to be good at fishing. As she never went out fishing, Ryu decides to accompany her along with Ash, another member of the village. As they settle on a quiet lake, Ryu tells Fei about his youth, the difficulties he faced after he became the village's leader after his parents passed away and how he realized his own powerlessness and finally found a renewed strength in realizing he was not alone, that his little brother Kai needed him. Soon enough Gilliam, Amelia and Kai appear to join them in fishing, and Fei reveals she wanted to get some fish to apologize for the monster incicent from before. Gilliam, amused at how she considers this a "punishment", tells her she shouldn't worry over the little things and enjoy their time together.

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