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Main ProgrammerEdit

Main Graphics DesignerEdit

Main BG GraphicsEdit

Character DesignEdit

System PlannersEdit

Assistant DirectorEdit

System ProgrammersEdit

Sound ProgrammerEdit

Shop & Menu ProgramEdit

Battle PlannerEdit

Battle ProgramEdit

Magic EffectsEdit

Map PlannersEdit

Field ProgramEdit

Model ProgramEdit

Scenario & Event PlannerEdit

Event ProgramEdit

Event EffectEdit

Extra Games PlannerEdit

Fishing PlannerEdit

Extra Games ProgramEdit

Player GraphicsEdit

Event Character GraphicsEdit

Monster GraphicsEdit

Map & Model CreatorEdit

Map Texture DesignEdit

World Map DesignEdit

Package & ManualsEdit

Title DesignEdit

Music CompositionEdit

Sound DesignEdit

"Pure Again" Ending Theme All Instruments & WordsEdit

"Pure Again" Ending Theme Background VocalsEdit

"Pure Again" Ending Theme Additional GuitarEdit

Voice: Ryu (Child)Edit

Voice: Ryu (Adult)Edit

Voice: Teepo (Child)Edit

Voice: ReiEdit

Voice: NinaEdit

Voice: MomoEdit

Voice: PecoEdit

Voice: GarrEdit

Voice: UnknownEdit

Localization Staff - Bowne Global SolutionsEdit

Technical SupportEdit





Bug CheckerEdit


Breath of Fire Series DirectorEdit

General ProducerEdit

Executive ProducerEdit


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