Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack
Type: Soundtrack
Released: 24/05/2000
Composer(s): Yoshino Aoki

The music of Breath of Fire IV was composed solely by Yoshino Aoki, who had previously worked with Akari Kaida on the music to Breath of Fire III. While the previous game was primarily a jazz-influenced project, Breath of Fire IV's soundtrack would be mostly classical, with songs resembling traditional Japanese and Chinese folk music. Often declared as a marked improvement over the previous game's score, the Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack was released in Japan on May 24, 2000 to some critical acclaim. It is also the first Breath of Fire series soundtrack to contain all the music from a game, instead of selected tracks. The game features a song composed by Japanese New Age artist Taro Iwashiro for the opening sequence, as well as a public domain piano piece originally composed by Maurice Ravel titled "Pavane for a Dead Princess" ("Pavane pour une infante défunte"). Breath of Fire IVs ending theme, "Yume no Sukoshi Ato" (A Little After the Dream), was performed by Aoki herself, along with pianist Ryoji. Along with all other Breath of Fire series background audio, the music of Breath of Fire IV was later re-issued as part of the eleven-disc Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box in March 2006.


Disc OneEdit

# Title Length
1. "Breath of Fire IV ~Opening Animation~"    
2. "Endings and Beginnings ~Main Theme~"    
3. "Run Straight"    
4. "The World Beneath Your Feet"    
5. "It's an Easy Win"    
6. "2000 Treasure if You Win"    
7. "Relessed (Relaxed & Stressed)"    
8. "Endings and Beginnings"    
9. "NONONO"    
10. "Airily"    
11. "First Emperor"    
12. "Men of War"    
13. "Take the Winnings and Run"    
14. "A Warring God"    
15. "Tiny Village in the Desert"    
16. "Gotta Turn it Around, Gotta Turn Around"    
17. "Under Pressure"    
18. "Bastard Sword"    
19. "Working Today, Too"    
20. "Out of His Mind"    
21. "Unbearable Atmosphere"    
22. "Truth and Dreams"    
23. "Watch Your Step!"    
24. "Darkness"    
25. "...Yet the Merchants Will Go"    
26. "~A Man~"    
27. "Sound of a Little Zenny"    
28. "Brave Heart"    
29. "Dying Wish"    
30. "Maybe I'll Even Buy a Sheep"    
31. "Freefall"    
32. "How Long Will the Rain Last?"    
33. "Whirlpools Inside (The Frog's Song)"    
34. "Flutter (Butterfly)"    
35. "Shima-shima at Your Back (Buzz Buzz Buzz)"    
36. "Unfading Ones"    

Disc TwoEdit

# Title Length
1. "Song of the Plains"    
2. "Echo"    
3. "Thousand Wings"    
4. "The Sacred Ground Far Away"    
5. "Tototon Toton To"    
6. "What the Samba?"    
7. "Get the Fish!"    
8. "I Caught a Big One!"    
9. "Landscape"    
10. "Like the Sun, Like the Moon"    
11. "I'm a Faerie!"    
12. "Game Over"    
13. "Prayer"    
14. "Even Towards Death, Valiantly"    
15. "Curse"    
16. "Turismo"    
17. "Replay"    
18. "Seagull Flies"    
19. "Go By Ship!"    
20. "Pabu-pabu Puka-puka"    
21. "Pavane for a Dead Princess"    
22. "Destruction"    
23. "A God's Beast"    
24. "A Raging Emperor's Banquet"    
25. "Dragon's Blood"    

Music for the Ending ~MIDI Arrangement~Edit


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