Breath of Fire III Boss
Bully 2
Bully2 Sprite
200 30
Pwr Def Agl Int
64 15 10 100
EXP Zenny
80 100
FlameIconIII Sprite FrostIconIII Sprite ElectricIconIII Sprite
2 2 2
EarthIconIII Sprite WindIconIII Sprite HolyIconIII Sprite
2 2 5
PsionicIconIII Sprite StatusIconIII Sprite DeathIconIII Sprite
2 2 2
Location Maekyss Gorge
Steal Beef Jerky
Steal Rate 32, 1/1
Drop Wisdom Seed
Drop Rate 1/128
Abilities Flare
Info Fought with Bully 1 and Bully 3

Bully 2 is a boss within Breath of Fire III. He is fought alongside Bully 1 and Bully 3.


1/4 Attack Sprite
3/4 Abilities Sprite
1/1 FlameIconIII Sprite Flare

Strategy Edit

You fight Bully 2 alongside Bully 1 and 3. However, Bully 2 is the one that should be taken out first. His Flare attack does the most damage, especially if someone has Yggdrasil as their Master, making them especially vulnerable to it, so Bully 2 should be the first one the player targets. It shouldn't take more than a few hits to defeat Bully 2, especially from Ryu and Momo.

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