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This article is about information on unreleased content and may change or not be completely accurate.
Breath of Fire II Enemy
クリスタルカメオ Kurisutarukameo (Crystal Cameo)
Bof ckameo
219 30
Atk Def Ms
246 164 0
Agi Luck Immunity
70 39 -
776 205
Location None (unused)
Drop IronSH
Drop rate 2
Abilities -
Element Water
Info Can only be found in the games coding

C.Kameo is one of four unused enemy from Breath of Fire II. It was a palette swap version of the end-game enemy Conch, although as this enemy has weaker stats it was probably meant to be found earlier. This means C.Kameo was the original enemy and Conch its palette swap.

Its name comes from a cameo, a term referring to a piece of jewelry carved in relief.

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