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Cadis is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Cadis is one of the Faeries you first encounter at The Lighthouse. After Ryu turns on the Lighthouse in hopes of getting the ship to return to Rhapala, she flies in and smashes the controls in hopes of turning it off. Unfortunately, she ends up jamming the lever and now the Lighthouse can't be turned off. Angry at Ryu for putting her in this predicament, she hands you the Faerie Tiara which allows you to enter the Faerie Village when you stand over a ring of flowers. Once you enter the village, Cadis, along with Elkhair and Mayfly, plead with you to take care of the monster who threatened to eat them if they didn't turn off the Lighthouse. Ryu heads to the beach with Nina and Momo and find out the monster is actually a Dolphin. The Dolphin gets angry when the 3 Faeries start insulting it, which leads to Ryu and his party fighting him. After you defeat him, she and the other Faeries thank you for saving them.

She remains in the village when you return with Ryu as an adolescent, and after insulting you for not visiting for so long, sets up the Faerie Village mini-game where you get to help the Faerie Village grow by giving her instructions as to where to assign the Faeries. 

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