Ch'o Ryong
草竜(タープ) Kusa Ryuu(Taapu)
Portrait Ch'oRyongFace Sprite
Sprite Grasssprite
Golden Plains
"I... am Ch'o Ryong, from the boundless plains, I watcheth o'er this world. I knoweth the cycle of the seasons, the rythm of the earth, and I can counteth e'ery drop of rain as it falleth. Tell me, young Yorae Dragon... Dost though needeth my strength?"
— Ch'o Ryong

Ch'o Ryong is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

Ch’o Ryong is the Grass Dragon, a member of the Endless who resides in the Golden Plains. Her avatar is a tall woman in green with the upper part of her face covered, and in her dragon form she wraps her tail around a rock and floats on the wind, a pose inspired by seahorses.

Along with several other dragons, she appears at the Yorae Shrine when called by Deis and Ryu, and confirms that Fou-Lu is Ryu’s other half. She calls Deis imperfect, not only because of her lack of a body but because of her intense refusal to accept the eventual fate of turning into a dragon and watching over the world.

She can later be found on the Golden Plains by following a glowing bird, and gives Ryu the skill Healing Wind, a breath move that heals and restore the party.


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