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Charm (おふだ, Ofuda?) or also known as Charm (おまもり, Omamori?) is a item found in Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II, and is generally used to treat curses in some way.


Breath of FireEdit

"You'll return to normal."
— Game description
Recovery Item Removes Curse, brings up FATE
Target Single
Purchased Winlan, Bleak, Prima, Gant, Gust, Tunlan, Spring
Found Karma, Tantar
Cost 120 (Gant)
135 (Prima)
150 (Winlan, Prima, Gust, Tunlan, Spring)
180 (Bleak)
195 (Tunlan)

Breath of Fire IIEdit

"Block curses"
— Game description
Accessory Prevents being cursed
Target Single
Found DryWell
Dropped S.Goblin

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