In Breath of Fire a clan is a group of people of the same race. Clan members tend to have the same overall appearance as well as similar abilities. It is usually easy to tell what clan a person is from due to how the clans each have attributes unique only to that clan. While these attributes tend to be physical, some clan's only unique attribute is their clan ability.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

Each clan has an ability unique to them. Some clans have the ability to change into animals while others are physically stronger than the other clans. It is possible for clan abilities to be lost. For example, in Breath of Fire the Light Dragon Clan purposely sealed away their ability to change into dragons. By the time of Breath of Fire III it is said that most clans have lost their clan abilities.

List of ClansEdit


Members of different clans can marry and even reproduce, although this seems to be a fairly uncommon practice. Interclan reproduction may weaken clan abilities. This is most clearly shown in the Wing Clan, as due to the first Nina marrying a man outside of the race (heavily hinted to be the first Ryu) caused the Wing Clan to lose the power of the Great Bird completely and eventually their trademark wings, with only very select members having wings by Breath of Fire III.

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