クリフ Kurifu (Cliff)
Sign CliffSign Sprite
Rhapala Region

Cliff is a location within Breath of Fire III.


Cliff is a haven for people with no place to call home. People who come here are unable to return to where they come from for various reasons. The one thing everyone in Cliff has in common is that there are things in their lives that they want to leave behind and forget about.

Ryu and the party come here to find Gaist so he can remove the seal on Deis' at Angel Tower as part of their journey to find God. Ryu and Garr talk to Gaist about their plans and ask him to remove the seal, Gaist agrees, but he wants to talk to Ryu alone first. Gaist talks about his regrets for his actions against the Brood and that he's sure Garr feels the same.

He tells Ryu to come back alone if he wants more information. Ryu visits him alone and Gaist challenges him to a fight to test his resolve and Gaist is defeated. It's revealed by Gaist that his life force was the seal on Deis and that with his death, she's free. Gaist asks if the Brood were so powerful, why did they let themselves be slaughtered? Gaist then dies, turning into sand and the party leaves Cliff.


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