クレイ Kurei
BoFIV CrayArtwork
Portrait CrayFace1 Sprite
Sprite CraySprite
Playable Character
186cm (6'1")
94.5 kg (208.3 lbs)
Voice actor
Isshin Chiba

Cray is a character within Breath of Fire IV. A burly member of the cat-like Woren tribe who wields a large wooden post and has feelings for Nina's sister, Elina.


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Cray is the chief of the Woren tribe. Living up to his title, Cray is an extremely powerful woren. Because of his strength, he, theoretically, serves as a bodyguard to his childhood friend Nina. During the course of the game, Cray and Nina are out searching the Eastern Continent for Elina, Nina's sister. Throughout their search, Cray and Nina's group grows, increasing the likelihood of finding Elina. The party eventually ends up in enemy territory (Western Continent), having followed Ryu's Dragon's Eye, searching for Elina, but are captured and arrested by Yuna, who sends them to Ludia and places them under Scias's watch and house arrest until they are put on trial. As the game goes on, they eventually end up on the Western Continent and find Elina. However, Yuna performs experiments on Elina, in an attempt to transform her into an Endless, and turns the lower half of her body into a mutant. Much to Cray's dismay, Elina asks him to kill her and put her out of her misery. Cray complies and kills her, after which, he reveals that he had feelings for her.

In BattleEdit

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Cray is the main powerhouse of the party due wholly to his superior strength, defense, and hit points. Cray possesses an affinity to earth, so he naturally learns earth spells, but this also means he takes more damage from wind abilities. While offensive magic is perhaps wasted on Cray due to his inferior intelligence parameter, his support magic relies on set intervals and does not depend on his intelligence to be effective; and his support magic can be very useful. Cray is a very physical character, but he is likely to be the slowest character in your party (which of course can be addressed with items, equipment and the right Masters). Cray's unique ability is shielding another character when their HP is low; he will automatically jump in front of the weakened ally and suffer damage in their place. Of course, this only works in the case of single target physical attacks. 


Trivia Edit

  • Cray may be, in fact, only half-Woren. His mother lacks any traits that would identify her as a Woren, such as tiger ears and a tail, meaning she's most likely human. This would mean Cray is half-Woren and takes his physical traits after his father.