Cure (Rifuruekisu, リフルエキス?, lit. "Rifuru Extract") or Extract (Topurifuekisu, トプリフエキス?, lit. "Topurifu Extract") is a healing item found in the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of FireEdit

"This item recovers some HP"
— Item Description
"A warrior recovers all Hit Points."
— Manual description

Cure is a Item that can be found and bought through out Breath of Fire, it heals a large amount of health.

Effect Restores All HP
Target Single
Purchased Drogen, Winlan, Camlon, Romero, Tuntar, Bleak, Prima, Gant, Gust, Tunlan, Spring
Found Dreamland, Aura Cave, Auria, Winlan Castle, Nanai temple, Romero, Karma, Krypt, Cave to Bleak, Nabal, Scande tower, Tuntar, Tock, D.Keep
Dropped Stool, Talon, Blurb, Lancer, Ruga, Roach, Prickle, Fly, SpearMan, Fishy, M.Scorp, LancerX, K.Roach, Rogue, Warlock, Buzzer, AmeblobX, Bully, Cactus, Entity, D.Knight
Cost 20000

Breath of Fire IIEdit

Extract is a healing item in Breath of Fire II. It fully heals one character. This item is usually dropped by enemies on Isle of Giants and is not stackable.

Effect Restores All HP
Target Single
Found Oven
Dropped Barucuda, Stinger, Trout, Crodworm, Sniphead, Gonghead, A.Sludge, J.Worm
Cost 200

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