ドロンゾ Doronzo
Sprite D'Lonzo Sprite
Coffee Shop
Requirement Have 15 different weapon types in the inventory
HP 1 AP 2
Pwr 1 Def 0
Int 0 Agl 1
Skill Levels
Monopolize 2
Intimidate 3
Steal 4
Will Accuracy up

D'Lonzo is a character within Breath of Fire III. She is a female cat burglar located at the Coffee Shop.

As a MasterEdit

D'Lonzo becomes available when you first reach the Coffee Shop. However, in order to be her apprentice, you must have 15 different weapons. Only the weapons in your inventory count, so to apprentice under her as soon as possible, you'll have to carry 2 of a weapon for each person in your party. That way, if you don't sell any weapons until you get to her, you will be able to apprentice under her as soon as you get to the coffee shop. Once you become her apprentice, it might be wise to sell the unwanted weapons for Zenny.

In the beginning, D'lonzo is a very good master as she is the first master available to increase Agility and the only master who improves accuracy, which is essential to Momo. Amongst the moves she teaches, Steal is the most important because until Rei returns to the party, this is the only chance to gain items from enemies, especially bosses as they almost always have stat boosting items. Monopolize is a good move for Peco to learn as it gives him all the EXP at the end of a battle. This is very useful at the beginning due to Peco being at lvl 1 whereas all of your other main characters are well above lvl 10 after this point. Later on in the game, she becomes outclassed by other masters, Meryleep mainly.

Weapons ListEdit

In total 17 weapons are accessible before the party first reaches D'Lonzo. If Ryu and Nina equip duplicates then their equipment won't decrease the inventory count, but Momo has no duplicates at this point. As such the maximum possible number of weapons in your inventory is 16, so since D'Lonzo only requires 15 weapons it's possible to miss exactly 1 and still apprentice under her when she is first encountered. So if, for instance, Ryu didn't pick up the Melted Blade at the very beginning of the game, then the party will have to either shell out 2400z in Wyndia for the Claymore or wait until after the Contest of Champions where they can purchase the Moon Sword.

The nature of the story before encountering D'Lonzo makes most of the weapons accessible only in limited intervals, and the Melted Blade is a unique item which is only available in the Prologue. In most cases it's advisable that the party collects a weapon as soon as they have access. The following is a list of all weapons which can be obtained before or directly after meeting D'Lonzo, and how they can be obtained. (Note that the price of weapons in Genmel is after applying the Flier discount.)

The most cost-effective way of apprenticing under D'Lonzo as early as possible is as follows. First of all, do not purchase any weapon that can be found elsewhere, like the Scramasax in Meryleep's Pond. For duplicates, the player can obtain (without purchasing) 2 Daggers, 2 BallockKnifes, and 2 Bent Swords for Rei, Ryu and Teepo, and 2 Pointed Sticks for Nina can be easily Pilfered from Man Traps. The party should purchase the Bronze Sword for 240z in McNeil Village or Wyndia, and use the Flier in Genmel to purchase the Mace for 280z, the Magician Rod for 546z, and the Rippers for 420z; then the player can skip buying the Claymore as long as they collect the rest of the weapons. The total cost of this route is 1486z, almost 1000z less than the cost of the Claymore itself.


  • Shadis is a palette swap of D'Lonzo.

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