The D-Counter is a special game play system featured in Breath of Fire:Dragon Quarter, regulating the player's usage of dragon transformations.

Basically, the D-Counter is a timer going from 0% up to 100%. However, once the D-Counter reaches 100% before a certain event in the game, the game is over and one has to SOL Restore or SOL Restart.

The following actions raise the D-Counter:

  • 0.01% per every about 20 steps
  • 0.01% per turn in battle
  • 1.0% for D-Diving (i.e. transforming into the Dragon Form)
  • 2.0% per turn in battle in Dragon Form
  • 1.0% per Vortex (weakest dragon attack)
  • 1.25% per enemy hit by Hurricane (medium dragon attack)
  • 1.5% per Twister (strongest dragon attack)
  • 2.0% per every D-Charge (increasing Ryu's attack power)

Additionally, Dragon breath and D-Dash also raise your D-Counter, but the longer you use these attacks, the more it raises. Conservely, the game encourages player to not use D-Dive and keep the D-Counter as low as possible thus forcing them to play it smart against powerful Bosses. Also an important note, to defeat the final boss a high remaining D-Counter is required- as the only way to defeat it is by shattering its absolute defense (which is, worth 20000 HP) with D-Breath. Having the D-Counter too high already would render the final boss unbeatable, forcing the player to use SOL.

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