Daisy Marks
デイジイ Deijii (Daisy)
Sprite Daisy Big Daisy
Shell Clan

Daisy or Daisy Marks in the Japanese version is a character within Breath of Fire II. She is the mother of Rand.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Daisy is the stubborn and hard-working mother of Rand. She is a strong willed character who gives her son a hard time at moments, which causes much embarrassment for him. She first appears when he returns to FarmTown with Ryu and the others, ordering him and the gang to clear out the rugged land behind the house and then having them pray to the local religious icon - Namanda.

When they come back, Daisy is seemingly missing and a representative of Church of St. Eva informs them that Daisy had a change of heart and is allowing the land to be used for a new church location. Angered and accusing their guard of lying, Rand attacks the guard, only to be intervened by Ray, who angers Rand even more by saying the guard is telling the truth. This causes Ryu and the party to set out to locate the main church, where Daisy is supposedly visiting.

During the events at Evrai and St. Eva Church, Raytells them that Daisy was taken against her will by Habaruku, the high priest and founder of the religion of St. Eva. After rescuing her, Rand attempts to save the party from a sliding wall trap, only to fail and be rescued by Daisy, who willingly sacrificed herself for the future of her beloved son.

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