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Dark D. Fort
こくりゅうぞくのとりで Kokuryuuzoku no Toride (Dark Dragon Clan's Fortress)
(Lament Woods)

Dark D. Fort is a dungeon from Breath of Fire.


The Dark D. Fort is a fortress located in Lament Woods. It is own and operated by the Dark Dragon Army. Finding a strange fort in Lament Woods, Ryu and Nina decide to investigate. They soon learn that the fort belongs to the Dark Dragons and continue to explore. They soon discover a man they believe to be Tuntar's chief surrounded by guards. After the guards are defeated Tuntar's Chief insists that they take the Dark Dragon Army's weapons before returning to Tuntar. He leads Nina and Ryu to an empty cell and locks them in, revealing himself to be a general in the Dark Dragon Army. Ryu and Nina are forced to fight the two headed Pog. After Pog's defeat Bo arrives freeing Ryu and Nina. Bo explains how he freed the real Chief of Tuntar during the confusion and joins Ryu and Nina in their battle against the General. After the battle the General retreats and Bo officially joins Ryu's party.



Trivia Edit

  • There is a way to avoid fighting the boss Pog: when the fake Tuntar's Chief asks Ryu and Nina to take the Dark Dragons' weapons continue to say "No" to him. Eventually Bo will arrive and stop him, so you will not fight Pog. However, when you fight the General, he will be stronger.

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