Dauna Region

Dauna Checkpoint, referred to simply as Checkpoint on the map, is a location within Breath of Fire III.


The Checkpoint is visited when Mikba is trying to flee from Rei after he massacred Syn City's Mafia. Mikba transforms into his demon form and meets his demise here after fighting Ryu and the party to clean up loose ends after they killed Balio and Sunder.

It is here after the battle that Rei laughs at the amusement that it was Ryu who beat Balio and Sunder, then decides to join up with Ryu in his journey to find God to ask why people like Rei have powers. The party departs and heads towards Wyndia.

If the party revisits later, they can't go through the Checkpoint, even with a Passport. Interestingly, one of the guards inside the checkpoint whines about the lack of activity at the checkpoint, stating that he'd like to see a criminal try to break through or a battle occur. This is ironic as that's exactly what happens when Ryu and co chase after Mikba. Also inside the checkpoint is a locked door that Rei can pick which contains a Deluxe Rod, Ammonia, and Ginseng, along with 80 Zenny and a Healing Herb in the drawers.


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