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Death is a status ailment and stat in Breath of Fire Series.

Status EffectEdit

It is added automatically to a character which HP reaches 0. While under Death, a character is unable to perform any actions whatsoever and cannot be targeted by most actions. After Battle in Breath of Fire III , Breath of Fire IV , and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter , the character is cured from Death and granted 1 HP while in Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II the character will remain dead till the party has rested or the character was revived.

Death can be cured automatically by Guts, and manually via items and skills.


Death affects the likelihood of instant kill abilities of hitting.

LV Resistance
0 -200%
1 -100%
2 0%
3 25%
4 50%
5 75%
6 100%
7 200%

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