ドック Dokku (Dock)
Sign DockSign Sprite
Urkan Region

The Dock is a location within Breath of Fire III. It's run by the Machine Guild of Junk Town, who are associates with the Porter's Guild.


The Dock is a location found in the Urkan region. It acts as the primary repair station for any of the Porter's Guild's boats, as it has easy access to mechanics and several resources for parts. When the party is in need of the boat in order to cross the Outer Sea, they come here, asking if they can use the boat. But the boat is still in need of repairs and the mechanics are having trouble getting parts. Fortunately, Momo takes the reigns of the repairs, giving Ryu a sketch of the needed parts to repair it. After Ryu and co find the needed parts at Steel Beach, Momo is able to repair the ship, allowing them to finally use it. After they use the ship to ram the back of the Black Ship so they can hijack it, Zig, who is acting as their sailor, takes the boat back to this location for repairs. The Dock is not visited again after these events, ending its role.

Trivia Edit

If one "talks" to two sea lice scuttling around near the docks, they will comically call out "Romeo" and "Juliet" to each other.


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