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Dragon (ドラゴン, Doragon?) is a recurring dragon form in the Breath of Fire series. It is the second type of dragon transformation, created by a more advanced or complex type of dragon transformation, and capable of attacking all enemies with its breath weapon.

Breath of FireEdit

In the original Breath of Fire, there are four Dragons – Bolt Dragon (BltDgn), Fire Dragon (FirDgn), Gold Dragon (GldDgn), and Ice Dragon (IceDgn), each of which deals lightning, fire, holy, or ice damage with its breath attack, respectively – all of which are obtained after Ryu defeats the trial in the second Dragon Temple, located down the path between the Dark Dragon pyramid and Nabal Castle.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

BoFII DragonArtwork

In Breath of Fire II, there are three Dragon forms: FireDrgn, IceDrgn, and T.Drgn –which are obtained after Ryu speaks to the Dragon Elder hidden behind the waterfall next to the Wildcat Cafe; however, due to a glitch in the game, these forms deal only non-elemental damage.

Unlike other versions of this form Dragons; in Breath of Fire II act as a spell which only can be used per-turn as do all Dragon Forms in the game.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

BoFIII DragonArtwork

In Breath of Fire III, Dragons are the most frequent result of combining two or more Dragon Genes, although different combinations produce Dragons with very different traits and abilities, and certain combinations produce entirely different dragon forms (most of which are noted below); the abilities of Dragons are generally higher than those of Whelps. Trygon is usually considered a 'super' Dragon.


In Breath of Fire all of Ryu's abilities are replaced with Revert and his standart attack deals set amount of damage - 190 for Ice Dragon, 210 for Fire Dragon, 225 for Bolt Dragon and 250 for Gold Dragon.

In Breath of Fire II, the Dragon forms consume all of Ryu's AP for a single attack. They do damage based on how much AP Ryu has, with only the maximum damage being possible if Ryu uses the Dragon form with full AP. Despite having elemental names, the Dragons do not cause elemental damage.

In Breath of Fire III dragon's abilites are affected by genes used, but two of them are always present:

  • DragonBreath: Physical damage to all enemies. Damage altered by HP.
  • Snap: Physical damage to a single enemy; Has a chance to reduce armor.

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