Dreamland is a location in within Breath of Fire, II, III & IV


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Breath of FireEdit

Mogu's NightmareEdit

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Breath of Fire IIEdit

Gandaroof's DreamworldEdit

In Breath of Fire II is entered by obtaining the Therapy Pillow in Tunlan. Ryu and his team would then enter Dreamland by returning to Gandaroof. The group will then be taken to a land filled with monsters and three towns. One town is filled with children, one with adults, and one town with elderly people. There is also a tower called Memory Tower.

While exploring the towns you can find shops and a few people that will give you information on a few things. In the three versions of Inheart you can buy items and use the inn. You learn that a Demon attacked Memory Tower, messing things up, and that there are only supposed to be two towns.

Ryu makes his way to Memeory Tower and ends up fighting the demon at the top who has been messing with Gandaroof's mind.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Faerie VillageEdit

Main article: Faerie Village

In Breath of Fire III, Faerie Village is introduced after you fix the lighthouse in Rhapala. When you fix the lighthouse in Rhapala, one of the faeries appears before the party to attempt to turn off (or break) the lightbulb that the lighthouse uses. Since that fails, she insults and condemns the party for fixing the lighthouse and gives them the Faerie tiara (which is the only way to get to Faerie Village). She tells them to use it over a ring of flowers to get to their village and fix their "dolphin" problem. Once the party kills the dolphin, the faeries allow you to rest there for the night. Afterwards, the party leaves and are welcome to come back at anytime. Despite this, you can't really do anything there until you come back as an adult.


Ryu's Dream (Heart)Edit

In Breath of Fire III, Ryu's Dream (or heart) is a place that can only be visited once in the game, since the only way to get there is to confront Teepo at Eden after you are adolescent Ryu. After Teepo fails to convince you to join him he shows you whats inside your heart and whats inside the hearts of your companions. It is maze-like but pretty straightfoward.


Gems, Shaman Ring, and a Hourglass


Mad Gong, Thanatos, and Vile Weed

  • Ryu's Dream: Hearts of others.
  • Ryu's Dream: Escape From Dreamland

Breath of Fire IVEdit

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