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Drogen Chief
Brood (Light Dragon)

Drogen's Chief is a character within Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

During the Dark Dragon Clan's assault on Drogen, the villagers wanted to fight back and their Chief was prepared to lead them. Sara, knowing that the villagers had no chance of succeeding changed them to stone and went to defend the village herself. The Chief questioned why Sara had to be the one to sacrifice herself but like everyone else was powerless to stop her. When the spell wore off the villagers, they demanded that the Chief form a rescue party to save Sara. Esma warns the villagers that such a plan was foolhardy and had no chance of succeeding. Regardless of Esma's warning Sara's younger brother, Ryu, decided to rescue Sara anyway. Knowing that Ryu would go after Sara regardless of what he did the Chief gave Ryu some money and wished him success on his journey.

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