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かれいど Kareido (Dry Well)

DryWell is an unrevisitable location found in Breath of Fire II.


When the party arrives in Capitan they learn that the village's well has dried. On top of that, a child has gotten lost in the well and the search party sent to find him has not returned. (Once the party enters the well, a scenario begins and they cannot leave the well until it resolves, or they are defeated and the scenario resets.) When Ryu enters the well he finds Ray, and a battle with a Creon ensues. After the fight, Ray tells the party he is searching for the lost villagers and they decide to work together. Ray soon becomes occupied with another Creon, blocking the exit; the party must now continue on their own.

The party soon finds a cavern full of swimming turtles which they need to ride to order to navigate the room. The missing child is found on a section of land, and when the party talks to him it prompts a boss fight with the Terapin. After the fight, the well's water begins flowing back in and the party needs to escape.

They encounter Ray again, who creates a magical barrier to block the water while the party searches for the villagers. As they explore the well they find villagers as well as some Creons. In order to "save" a villager it's not enough to just find them, the party must talk to them. Some of the villagers are normal, but many have a Chiroru on their face which the party must kill; during the battle the party can kill the Villagrs instead of the Chiroru, which results in that villager not being saved. The number of villagers you save determines the spell Ray teaches you, and which carpenters you can chose from to build Township.

Ray's SpellEdit

After the scenario, Ray is impressed by the party's talents and asks Ryu to take him to their headquarters. After bringing him back to Township he offers to teach a spell to a member of the party.

  • If you rescued 4 or fewer villagers he will teach you Cure2
  • If you rescued 5 or 6 villagers he will teach you Renew


In the room with turtles there is a Van.Ext and a Charm. These chests are missable.


  • Creon (there are no random encounters)


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