ゴミすて場 Gomi Suteba (Dump Site)
Eastern Wyndia

The Dump is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is located next to the Plant and is where Peco was created.


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After encountering Momo and the others at the Coffee Shop, Palet asks for Momo and her friends to go the Dump and dispose of the mutant plants there. After venturing through the maze, Ryu, Nina, and Momo encounter the Mutant. After defeating it in battle, it requests that they disposes it into the magma just outside of its "room". Reluctantly, Ryu does so. Momo begs the Mutant to reconsider, as she wants to study it, as well as promise to keep it a secret. However, the Mutant's final words seem to hit her hard, changing her mind. Shortly afterward, Peco is born from the Mutant, jumping out of the magma. Ryu attempts to attack him, but Momo stops him, as she feels that the little onion is the Mutant's "baby" that the gang needs to take care of, as well as be a reminder of what can happen when chrysm energy is breathed into other lifeforms. Nina officially names him Peco and the now band of four leave the Dump to talk to Palet.

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