関所 Sekisho (Frontier Passage)
Eastern Wyndia
Checkpoint is a location within Breath of Fire III. It connects Eastern Wyndia to the Rhapala Region.


After the party disposes of the criminal element in Genmel, the King of Wyndia apologizes for thinking Ryu a con-man and rewards the party with a passport to cross the Eastern Checkpoint, so that they can travel to Angel Tower. However, after the party leaves Castle Wyndia, Nina falls off a balcony with Honey and rejoins the group. While the passport is no problem, one of the guards almost identifies Nina as the princess, as Garr suspected might happen. He covers for her by saying that she's his daughter, giving the guards a very intimidating leer alongside it, making them hastily and fearfully accept, allowing the party to continue to the Rhapala Region.

Later on, the King accuses Ryu of kidnapping Nina, so to get new passports and cross the checkpoint again the party must restore his favor by solving the crisis at the Plant. After Nina and Rei escape the castle, thanks to Honey once again, the party presents their new passport to the guards, allowing them to pass back and forth whenever they want, which ends the Checkpoint's role in the story.


The master Lee can be found behind the checkpoint gate after the party accepts the Hide-and-Seek challenge.


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