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Eastern Wyndia
ウインディア東部 Unindia Toubu (Eastern Wyndia)
Eastern Wyndia

The Eastern Wyndia is a region of the world in Breath of Fire III.


After fleeing from Balio and Sunder again, Ryu and Nina literally landed in Eastern Wyndia, since they jumped down Mt. Boumore. After recovering from their descend, they head over to Momo's Tower, where they team up with her. Since Balio's and Sunder's bullies are already searching for the two around the tower, the party decides to use an "escaping device" Momo's father build. After redesigning the tower's roof, the rocket crashes into the landscape not far from the tower.
On their way to Wyndia, they stop by a Coffee Shop where they learn that some "strange fellows" (revealed to be Sunder) are blocking the road and checking everyone on the bridge to Wyndia, not letting anyone through. Because they can't cross the bridge, the party decides to help Palet, a friend of Momo's father, since he has a problem with the machines growing the crops at his plant. They then fight a mutant in the Dump, which they then throw into the lava on his own request. Immediately after burning the mutant, it's "offspring", Peco, jumps out of the lava, and joins the party. As thanks for solving the problem at the dump Palet promises to bring them safely to Wyndia, but betrays them, so the party gets caught by Balio and Sunder again.

After the party gets the permission to pass the checkpoint, except for Nina, which ran away from the castle, they try to get to the Rhapala region. One guard seems to recognize Nina, as he asks, who she is. Garr tells the guards, that she is his daughter, which they believe, as Garr is very convincing. And intimidating.

After Ryu grew up, the party, now consisting of Ryu, Nina, Garr and Rei, wants to travel to the eastern lands again. As they now need another pass, they need to talk with the King again, but since he believes Ryu kidnapped Nina, they need to proof that Ryu is a good guy. So they decide to take care of the malfunctioning plant, where they find and team up with Momo and Peco again. After investigating the plant, and the laboratory beneath, they find Palet and get rid of him. After they barely got a pass, they once again pass through the checkpoint and depart to the eastern lands.

Notable LocationsEdit

Manillo ShopEdit

This store can be found at the fishing spot near the Tower

Eastern Wyndia Manillo Store
Item Fish 1 Fish 2
Chain Cap Bass X1 Blowfish X3
Crepe Cape Black Porgy X1 Flying Fish X4
Spirit Blowfish X3
Baby Frog Blowfish X3
Popper Flying Fish X2
Float Flying Fish X2
Skill Ink Octopus X2

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