エリーナ Erina (Elina)
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Elina is a character in Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

The eldest princess of Wyndia and Nina's sister, Elina has a large influence on the plot, despite not appearing until late into the game. It is her sudden disappearance in Synesta before the beginning of the game that puts Nina and Cray on the quest that results in them meeting Ryu.

While many citizens in Wyndia believe her to have run away as a result of her betrothal to the prince of Ludia, in truth Elina was kidnapped and held captive by the Fou Empire. She is finally found by Ryu and his party in an underground facility in Astana, and after a brief reunion with her sister, requests to be alone with Cray, asking Ryu, whose name she knows intuitively, to leave behind the Dragonslayer. She is then revealed to be a captive, and experiment, of Yuna, who proudly declares that he has succeeded in making her an Endless in his desire to create the perfect sacrifice for the Carronade. Elina’s body has been permanently altered by the experiments and everything below her waist has been replaced by an extensive structure of organs that leave her bedridden, tied to the building, and unable to die.

Alone with Cray after Yuna flees, Elina says it is too late for her and that she has no desire to live forever as she is, asking him to take up the Dragonslayer and kill her. Despite Cray’s reluctance, Elina is at peace with her decision and, in response to Cray’s declaration of love, admits that she is aware of his feelings and chose him precisely because of that. She dies happy to know his will be the last face she sees.

Trivia Edit

Mina and Elina seem to share similary events in their roles.

  • Both are sisters of Nina, the heroine in the Breath of Fire games.
  • Both are used as sacrifice: Elina for turnin into an Endless by Yuna and Mina sacrificies herself to become a Great Bird in her sister's place

Elina's appearance greatly resembles Liliana il graziosco Merlo Turan from the Anime "Last Exile- Fam the silver wing". Their appearance are similar, both of them are princesses and have a younger sister. Both of them are sacrificed.


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