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Breath of Fire IV Enemy
このえへい Konoehei (Royal Guard Soldier)
1000 100
Pwr Def Agl Wis
330 220 180 100
Steal Rate Drop Rate
EXP Zenny
800 0
Physical Ranged Magical
7 7 7
Fire Breath Water
6 7 6
Wind Holy Earth
6 5 6
Mind Death Status
7 7 7
Location Imperial Castle
Steal N/A
Drop N/A
Abilities Target
Info Can only be harmed by using Meditation.

EliteTrp is a boss in Breath of Fire IV. Two of them are encountered outside Emperor Soniel's throne room, along with a Diviner and Evoker. Due to Yuna's protective spell, they can only be defeated by transforming into a dragon.

Related EnemiesEdit

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