Sprite Emitai Sprite
Dauna Region
Requirement Pay 10,000 Zenny
HP 0 AP 4
Pwr 2 Def 2
Int 4 Agl 0
Skill Levels
Barrier 2
Mind Sword 4
Enlighten 6

Emitai is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is a powerful and renowned wizard who lives near the Dauna Mines.


During the Contest of Champions in Genmel, Emitai, in a financial rut, decides to re-enter it to win Zenny in an attempt to end his financial woes. Emitai, having winning his first match, advances to the 2nd round of the tournament, where has to fight Ryu. Much to his dismay, the 2nd round is in the Null Magic Hall. Since his fighting ability will be severely handicapped, he tries to appeal to Ryu and his party with a sob story to get them to forfeit. He claims that he has to win the Zenny in order to get an operation for his sick daughter. Without it, he states that she will die. Nina, however, starts crying because she would like to forfeit the match to help, but, she tells him that they can't forfeit due to them fighting for Momo's/Peco's freedom. Surprised, Emitai gives them his condolences and heads back to his room. Having failed, he enlarges his two little "boys" (with a green barrier) as a last resort. After the fight, Nina feels bad for him and cries and wants to visit Emitai to see how he's holding up. However, it was discovered that he was lying about the whole thing.

After Ryu becomes an adult, he can visit him at his home, where he says he threw the match for Ryu and Nina. He does not recognize them, but asks them for 10,000 zenny in order to become a master.

As a MasterEdit

Emitai is a great master for spell type characters, with his high AP and Intelligence gains. Mind Sword is a useful skill for Nina because it attacks enemy Defense rather than magical defense. Enlighten will raise magical power to a high level.


See also: Emitai (Boss)


  • Emitai is the only master in Breath of Fire III that appears as a boss.

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