Eygnock Road
エッグノック街道 Eggunokku Kaidou (Eggnock Road)
Central Wyndia

Eygnock Road is a location within Breath of Fire III. Eygnock Road is a road that connects Central Wyndia with Yraall and Eastern Wyndia.


When Ryu and Nina arrive on Eygnock Road, Ryu decides to go inside the house to see if they can get some help on the whereabouts of Rei and Teepo, but before Ryu can ask, he hears Nina screaming outside. When he walks outside, he sees Balio & Sunder having tied up Nina. As Ryu attempts to draw his sword, they stop him by threatening Nina's life. As a result, Ryu puts his sword up, curls up into a fetal position, and gets kicked in the face. Ryu becomes unconscious and they get shipped off to a town called Genmel.

After the party escapes from Genmel, they pass through Eygnock Road when they attempt to sneak past Balio and Sunder's checkpoint after helping with the problem at the Plant, but are caught due to Palet tipping off the horse brothers. After slaying Balio and Sunder for good, the party passes through Eygnock Road to visit Wyndia.

During the Adolescent chapters, Ryu, Nina, and Garr discuss about how to get a new passport from the King on this road. Nina mentions that her parents think Ryu kidnapped her after the Balio and Sunder situation, when in fact she ran away. So the King and Queen think that Ryu is a criminal, which would make getting a new passport difficult. However, she comes up with the idea of having Ryu do another heroic deed. Since he helped break up the black market of Syn City, she suggests that, due to the problems the Plant is having, if he helps solve it, then even the King and Queen will admit that Ryu isn't a criminal. Ryu and Garr agree with the plan, much to Nina's joy, and head to the Plant.




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