ファール Faaru (Foul)
Sprite Fahl Sprite
Shell Clan
Bartender, Master
Requirement After the Contest of Champions, win 30 battles without resting
HP 4 AP 0
Pwr 1 Def 3
Int 3 Agl 3
Skill Levels
Charge 2 Levels
Counter 4 Levels
Resist 6 Levels

Fahl is a character within Breath of Fire III. He runs the bar in Genmel.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

After Ryu and Nina are attacked by Balio and Sunder on Eygnock Road, they are tied up and brought to the bar in Genmel where Balio and Sunder ask Fahl to keep an eye on them.

As soon as Balio and Sunder leave the pub, Ryu chews through his and Nina's ropes, and attempt to sneak out, but are caught by a drunk Fahl. However they both escape as Nina says they're going nowhere and Fahl is too drunk to understand them.

As a MasterEdit

Fahl becomes available as a Master after the Contest of Champions. You must also win 30 battles without resting. An easy way to do this is to go by the Cedar Woods area and do 30 random battles.

Fahl is a great master for a tank type character, or for someone like Peco whose main breath attacks are affected by his HP without sacrificing any melee stats.

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