Breath of Fire IV Boss
ムンマ Munmaa (Munmar)
5,000 1,000
Pwr Def Agl Wis
66 40 45 20
Steal Rate Drop Rate
EXP Zenny
5,000 1,800
Physical Ranged Magical
3 N/A N/A
Fire Breath Water
Wind Holy Earth
N/A 0 N/A
Mind Death Status
7 7 7
Location Dreamland
Steal None
Drop Magic Shard
Abilities Frost, Nose Dive, Sever, Drain, Ovum
Info Triggered after defeating it's offspring

Fantam is a boss enemy in Breath of Fire IV

Role in Breath of Fire IV Edit

Fantam is a boss whose appearance is only triggered once you defeat his offspring. They are the one who took over the Faerie Village resulting on the Faeries' lost of knowledge on how to run the place.

Appearance Edit

Given the appearance of a bouncing huge pink ball with an enormous nose, Fantam also varies in sizes depending on which attacked was used. He grew every time a physical attack lands on him and shrinks as magic attacks made a connection. The larger he becomes results in increasing his physical defense but lowering his magic defense while the smaller he turned out, the higher his magic defenses are but lowering his physical defense.

Related Enemies Edit

Gallery Edit

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