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Yraall Region

Farm is a location within Breath of Fire III.


Ryu, Teepo, and Rei meet up at the farm after stealing weapons from the shop in McNeil Village. They then decide to rob people at Yraall Road.


Loki talking Rei, Teepo and Ryu into robbing McNeil

After the Nue-incident they meet up with Loki inside the small hut, where he talks them into robbing McNeil, to gain more respect from the villagers. After this plan backfired, they want to question Loki what happened, and he agrees to tell them in the hut, but flees. Instead, Bunyan tells them indirectly, that McNeil belongs to an evil organization, that does not like to be stolen from. They then decide to go back to Cedar Woods and let the dust settle on it.

Later in the game, during the Adolescent chapters, Ryu and Garr are forced to detour into McNeil Village due to an investigation regarding Mayor McNeil's black market connections. At that time, many Wyndian soldiers are questioning the various farmers and villagers regarding McNeil's involvement with black market dealings and heavily taxing the people, regardless of how good or bad the harvests were year to year. After reuniting with Nina, who is leading the investigation, Garr, Ryu, and Nina sit in the cow pasture and discuss the events of the Great War, the Brood, and what happened at Angel Tower. Here, Nina rejoins the party and they head to Syn City, as the road won't open until the investigation is over with. Rei also happens to be in the area, though unknown to everyone else, lurking in a tree before making his way to Syn City for his own goal of revenge.

The Farm consists of a field with crops, a cow pasture, and a hut where the crops are bundled. During the Nue chapter, the fields are very much depleted of crops and there are no cows, thanks to the Nue attacking and stealing the food. By the time spring comes after the Nue's death, the fields and cow pastures are full of crops and cows, allowing the villagers to be more at ease and have more food. The Farm continues to have good harvests and plenty of livestock during the Adolescent Chapters, indicating that the Nue was, in fact, the sole reason for the bad harvest during the start of the Childhood Chapters.


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