Frost (レイガ, Reiga?), also known as Cold (レイガ, Reiga?) is a weak first level single target ice spell.

Breath of FireEdit

"A blast of icy air will cause 30 points of damage."
— Cold manual discription
"Icy air freezes an opponent for 60 points of damage."
— Frost manual discription

Cold (レイ, Rei?) costs 5 AP to use and is learned by both Bleu and Bo who have already learned upon joining your party. It deals 30 damage.

Frost costs 9 AP to use and causes 60 ice base damage.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

"30 points of damage to one target"
— Manual description

Cold costs 4 AP to use and is learned by both Nina and Spar who have already learned upon joining your party while Jean can use it once he reaches level 18.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Frost costs 2 AP to use and is known by both Teepo and Nina. Teepo learns it on level 4 while Nina knows it initially. It's also possible to learn Frost by apprenticing under Mygas for 2 levels.

Breath of Fire IVEdit

Frost costs 3 AP to use and is known by Scias who knows it initially. Fou-Lu can use a variation of Frost called Bing which costs 1 AP and hits twice, but is only availible in Astral and Serpent dragon forms.

Breath of Fire: Dragon QuarterEdit

Frost is a level 1 ice based skill. Nina can learn this skill.

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