ガイスト Gaisuto (Geist)
Sprite GaistStanding Sprite

Gaist is a character within Breath of Fire III.


Gaist, Garr and the other Guardians are responsible for near enough wiping out the Brood. It is recorded at Angel Tower that Gaist killed 234 Brood during the war, a number only surpassed by Garr. However Gaist eventually holds guilt for them as they don't fight back, and begins to lose faith in Myria (who Gaist always refers to as 'God'), as she believes the Brood pose a huge threat to the world.

Gaist eventually can't take any more and runs off to a place called Cliff, whilst Garr keeps his faith and continues to hunt down the dragons.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Ryu and Garr eventually meet up with Gaist at Cliff where they tell him they're trying to go and meet Myria (again, refered to as 'God') to get an explanation as to why the Brood had to be destroyed, but they need Deis' help to get there.

Gaist agrees to help them free Deis, but wants to talk to Ryu alone first, where he asks Ryu if he seriously wants to know the truth, and upon learning that Ryu does want to know the truth he then asks Ryu to fight him. After Gaist is defeated, he commends and apologizes to Ryu, and also says that he would've liked to go and meet God with them, but Deis' seal couldn't be broken as long as he is alive, and he crumbles into dust soon afterwards.


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Gaist is fought once in his demon form at Cliff, and once in Station Myria as a Sample.


  • Gaist when he is in his devil looking form, slightly resembles the enemy Ifrit from Breath of Fire II.
  • In his untransformed state, he resembles the enemy Amon from Breath of Fire II.
  • Examining his ashes immediately after the battle will grant the player the Beast Spear, which is the only way to acquire it. This possibly hints that the Beast Spear was his weapon-of-choice during the War, as well as proves his connection to Garr, who wields spears.


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