ガーランド Gaarando (Garland)
BoFIII Garr Artwork
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Playable Character
Urkan Tapa
220 cm (7'3")
197.6 kg (435.6 lbs)
Voice actor
Yukihiro Fujimoto
"Ryu...Let me tell you one thing... Don't hold back. If you don't fight with all you've got, I'll kill you."
— Garr to Ryu during the Contest of Champions
"Garr is a member of the guardian race, and has been the victor in the Contest of Champions years running. When he meets Ryu, he seems intrigued by his dragon abilities and seems to know more about the ancient Brood than he lets on at first. Garr's attack power is like no other, and he has HP to burn, making him the heavy artillery of your party. He acquires a wide set of fire spells, but doesn't have the intelligence level to put them to good use. Besides that, though, his only downfall is his low agility."
— Bio

Garr is a main character within Breath of Fire III. He is a Guardian, a race created by the goddess Myria. It is recorded at Angel Tower that Garr killed 299 Brood during the war, the most of any of the Guardians enshrined there.

The long-standing Champion of the Contest of Champions, Garr is one of the Four Guardians created by Myria, the Goddess of Destruction, to eliminate the Brood from the face of the Earth. He, along with his brethren Guardians Gatz, Gaw and Gaist, slaughtered the Brood, who put up no real resistance.


Ryu and friends first meet Garr when they reluctantly enter the Contest of Champions. Ryu, unfortunately, makes it to the final round, only to having to fight Garr. Garr ultimately defeats Ryu and wins Ryu and friends to save them from Balio and Sunder. Garr requests that Ryu travels to Angel Tower in order to learn about the Brood and his dragon powers. Upon leaving the Contest of Champions, Garr was ambushed by Balio and Sunder and their hoards of thugs. After defeating a wave of bullies, Garr proceeds to attack Balio and Sunder. Despite his confidence and physical prowess, he was ultimately no match for the brothers' combination attacks. Balio and Sunder effortlessly defeats Garr. The brothers and their entire gang of thugs ridicule Garr for losing despite just being crowned the title of Champion of Champions. Garr was stripped of his dignity when Balio rendered him immobilize in a disgraceful pose where it appears as if he's begging for mercy. Garr was utterly embarrassed when Ryu and his party arrived during the fight and witness his humiliation. Ryu was shocked to see Garr bent over on all fours, head down, and his butt sticking up. Ryu used his dragon powers to assist Garr, and together they fend off the thugs, and ultimately defeat Stallion, Balio and Sunder united form. Garr apologize to Ryu for having to witness that and they proceed to Wyndia to gain a passport. After arriving in the Eastern Lands, Garr was involved in training Beyd after the group decided to take on Nina's advice. After training Beyd, Garr was involved in fixing the lighthouse in hopes of helping Raphahala's boat to return. While traveling to the top of the building, Garr and the entire party fought Gazer who was setup by a faerie to prevent the light switch from turning on. Garr was injured while fight Gazer after taking a brunt of his eyebeam attack, and thus he fell victim to a faerie's ambush soon after turning on the light at the lighthouse. Succumbing to faerie's charm magic, Garr became subservient and submissive to the faerie. With a snap of it's finger, Garr relinquishes his pride and gets on his knees, bend down, and sticks butt up. The faery commanded Garr to attack the party, only to be stopped by Ryu who knocked Garr back to his senses. After fixing the lighthouse, Garr and the party traveled through Mt.Zublo and came accross and a mysterious old man who summoned 2 fire serpents to attack them. Garr managed to eradicate the serpents, only to fall victim to the old man's mind spells. He immediately recovered from the attacks and proceed to kill the old man.

Afterwards, Garr takes him to Angel Tower in an attempt to execute him and finally eradicate the Brood. However, Ryu defeats him handily, as Garr anticipated, and brings his guilt and doubt that he had bottled up for centuries since the war's end to light. He knew the Brood could have eradicated him and the other Guardians had they wished, yet they allowed themselves to be destroyed. Although he was planning to ending his life after this battle, Garr realized he wanted to seek out the truth and thus didn't want his life to end just yet. While at the mercy of Ryu's Kaiser form, Garr performed the ultimate disgrace of the Guardians. He turned his back on Ryu, get down on all fours, bent forward, and shove his rear at the Dragon, symbolizing him begging for his life.

In the game's second half, Garr finds Ryu hiding in Dauna Mines. Begging for his forgiveness, Garr takes him to see Myria to ask why the Brood needed to be killed. While in the mines, Garr and Ryu encounter Dragon Zombie, who tries to encourage Ryu to kill Garr, but Ryu refuses, starting a fight with Dragon Zombie. Later on, they reunite with Nina and explain the situation about Rei to her. After the group reunites, they head to Angel Tower in order to confront God, only to find that they needed to free Deis from her prison. After meeting with Gaist, they learn that Ryu has to kill him in order to free Deis. After Ryu does so, they head back to Angel Tower, where they meet up with a naked human Deis. Garr is comically beaten up by her before she instructs them to meet her at her shrine at Mount Zublo. There Ryu and Garr learn how to find God.

Later on, Garr is shocked to find out the remaining members of the Brood (all who gave up their powers) forgive him for his actions. This heavily confuses him, causing his guilt to almost overwhelm him. He, Ryu, and Nina confront the leader of the clan, Jono, for information, learning the history between the Brood and Myria, where Garr unwittingly insults him, forcing Nina to take over the conversation. Ryu, Nina, and Garr end up fighting Jono's dragon form in order to obtain the Infinity Gene, but kill him in the process. This helps prepare Ryu for the final fight with Myria.

After the final confrontation with Myria, Garr's powers runs out, and he turns to stone, leaving the rest of the group to escape the crumbling Station Myria before it's destroyed.


Garr's use in battle is extremely straightforward. His only marketable traits are an incredibly high rate of attack power and a good amount of HP and defense (the latter abilities making him a "tank"). His other abilities are below average at best. His magical skills are negligible; his spells are moderately useful, but an abysmally low amount of AP makes it nearly impossible to use his spells to any real effect. Couple this with a very low speed makes Garr a character with a highly specialized purpose. He can be difficult to use, but with appropriate training under certain masters, he can either be a lumbering titan or a trotting behemoth. He is also handy when he learns the skill 'Gambit', because at that point in the game, if it hits, decent damage in the 200-300 region should be dealt. Garr has a natural resistance to fire, taking only half damage from any and all related fire-based attacks and spells. Inoculating him or giving him fire-resistant armor will render him entirely immune to fire.




Main article: Garr (Boss)

Garr is faced as a boss twice during the course of the game. The first battle, in the final stage of the Contest of Champions, is not winnable. He is later faced again as he turns against Ryu in Angel Tower.


  • Garr is the only playable character to appear as a boss twice.
  • Despite being a holy guardian, Garr was affiliated with the crime organization, specifically Balio and Sunder, for unknown reasons.
  • When executing a critical hit, Garr will very rarely shout "Shoryuken!" This is a reference to Capcom's fighting game series Street Fighter.
  • Due the character limit of 6 letters, Garr's real name Garland couldn't be used.
  • Whenever Garr is defeated in battle, he is knocked unconscious in a disgraceful pose, where he's bent over on all fours, with his butt is sticking up in the air. This is a running gag in the Breath of Fire series where a character is given this defeat pose. Garr shares this trait with Bo, Rand, and Bosch, whom are all characters that are extremely prideful, and display varying amount of arrogance. Capcom joked that this was a humorous punishment for arrogant characters.


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