Genic Processor
BoFDQ Odjn

The Genic Processor is a location in the EndSector of Sheldar.

Role in Breath of Fire: Dragon QuarterEdit

The Genic Processor is located near the bottom of Sheldar, in EndSector region of the BioCorp Lifts that connects LowSector and BioCorp Labs together. Ryu and Bosch reach this area while traveling through the Lifts to BioCorp. Ryu has a vision and his mind is invaded by a voice that explains his dream to return to the surface. 馃槣

The voice is shown to come from the corpse of the Dragon Odjn whose body is pinned down in this room. Sensing Ryu's presence and his plan with Elyon, Odjn secretly links with Ryu. Bosch and Ryu are surprised to see the creature and Bosch simply decides that the dragon copse is simply the corpse of some experimental Genic from BioCorp. The party leaves the chanber and continues on their mission.

The area is seen several times later in the story whenever Elyon is shown communicating with Odjn or whenever Odjn is referenced in the story. The player only visits the lcation the one time.


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