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ギリアム Giriamu (Gilliam)
Wolba Clan
Dragnier Village
Voice actor
Hiroki Yasumoto
""That's a nice thing to say! In short, wouldn't it be nice if I just defeat these guys?""
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Gilliam is a character found in Breath of Fire 6.

Role in Breath of Fire 6Edit

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Gilliam is a member of the Wolba Clan, a powerful race that has a wolf like appearence. Loved all around the village, Gilliam uses his strong physique and knowledge to help around whenever needed.

Gilliam and Jubei are the first to reunite with the Hero and Peridot following the Insidia Empire's attack on Dragnier. Though quite enraged at the assault, he is also the one to inform the Hero about his brother Ryu's disapearance.

Breath of Fire 6: The Inherited ForceEdit

Chapter 1: Gilliam appears right on time to rescue Kai and Fei from a leaping monster, striking it down with a single hit. Quickly handling the Hero his sword, he then joins Ryu in the defense of the village and easily takes down a number of creatures. When Amelia is struck by an enemy, Gilliam quickly catches her up as she's falling. Amelia, however, believes he was trying to take advantage of her during the confusion and responds by punching him in the face. The two start arguing over the misunderstanding until Jubei has to stop a number of approaching monsters from attacking them.

After the monsters are all taken care of, he overhears Ryu asking Fei about the Dazzle Grass she was carrying. Realizing she was at fault for the attack, Gilliam harshly chastises the little Maoren, who didn't know that kind of herb attracts the monsters in the vicinity. Amelia barges in to defend Fei, and this quickly degrades into another discussion between them, with Ryu noting this being a common sight.


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Gilliam lacks subtetly and can be quick to anger but also quite kind to his friends and family, and is willing to put himself at risk to protect them or the village. He has a specially rocky relationship with Amelia, the two bickering and discussing at the slightest provocation. Despite that, he still cares about her and is the first to rush to her aid.


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